Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to show up to the city of Origin?

You need to be at the city of origin (Kansas City) the morning before the trip is planning to depart. This will give us time to pick you up, and rent motorcycles.


What is included in the tour?

We include all accommodations, meals, fuel, and admission tickets, as long as you remain with the group. Meals will consist of a light breakfast (most hotels we will stay at will have breakfast), a quick lunch (this could include a sit-down "ma-n-pa" diner in the area or a quick counter meal), and our evening will be sit down. (We like a variety of GOOD food, and will dine at a number of places that should appeal to everyone) Alcohol, souvenirs, personal items, etc...are not included. Getting to and from the city of origin are also your responsibility.


What about motorcycle rentals and insurance?

The price of the motorcycle rental and basic insurance is included in the price of the tour. We will make the reservation, but you will be renting the motorcycle from a local dealer here. You will need to bring a valid driver's license with a valid motorcycle endorsment. You will also be responsible for any security deposits required per the rental agreement.


Do I have to ride with the Group?

No, you will have a map of the route the group is taking and may stop to explore on your own. However, if you are not with the group when we stop for meals or fuel, then you will have to eat and fuel your bike on your own. We do not reimburse nor refund any money if you choose to ride on your own.


What about luggage?

Most of the motorcycles we rent will have bags to carry items for your tour. We will also have a chase vehicle to handle larger items. If you have extra luggage for you vacation before or after your tour, we will store them at the city of origin for you.


What kind of weather will I encounter?

This will depend on the tour you book. We can experience temperatures above 100° F in the plains, to 32° F or lower in the mountains. We could also encounter rain, frost, wind, etc... Unless there is extreme danger, we will ride in all weather conditions. So proper riding attire is encouraged.


What kind of clothing will I need?

We will ride in many different climates and terrains. We encourage having layers that can be put on or removed to keep you comfortable and safe. Riding Boots, chaps, coats, gloves, rain gear, protective eye wear, and helmets, are just a few of the items you need to bring. We will work with you to answer question that you may have to insure your comfort and safety on the tour.


What are the hotel/motels like?

We have chosen to stay at well known hotel and motels (where available) that offer the best amenities to you. We want you to be able to relax and have a variety of way to unwind after a day of riding. Most places we will stay have pools, internet connections, work out rooms, and offer breakfast. Not all amenities are available everywhere, but we have picked hotel/motels that are clean, safe, and may offer a feel for the area we are in (Historic Inns).  Most places we will stay have a variety of evening entertainment within walking distance.


How long will we ride each day?

Most of our days will be around 300 miles. However, some of our tours involve long distances for those who like to cover ground. On these trips, will have days over 400 miles. These days will be long and will require more endurance. We will stop and take breaks on all the legs of our tours. Some days will have longer breaks and more frequent than others.


Why would I want to book a long tour?

Some of our clients do not have, or have not had, the chance to ride in areas with hundreds of miles of open road. We have all taken pride on telling friends about the "long" rides. While this may not appeal to all, we know there are those who want the long distance rides. So if you want more miles of scenery, this is your ride.


What do I do to get started?

Pick a tour and date you like, click on it and get your tour reserved. Each tour has an overview of where we are going and what you will see. If you have ANY questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of them.



For more information on our tours please contact us at: or 816-679-1067.